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Centipedes love the weather in Corpus Christi. It’s their ideal climate after all. Centipedes as they’re called, are insects that can be seen by their long, worm-like bodies. With their thousands of pairs of small, segmented legs they are unique creatures. They may have anywhere up to 15-176 pairs of segmented legs, with only one pair per segment. Their bodies are oval-shaped, and they have very small heads. They can look fierce with their long, pointed teeth. These features make them look more like bugs than they are in fact.

Corpus Christi Centipede Removal

Younger centipedes may look harmless but some of them are quite poisonous. Some can even cause fatal allergic reactions depending on the victim. One of the most common household pests are centipedes and other worms. Most of your crawl spaces may have at least one centipede. Most often, these insects will infest the areas that are warm during the day and are dry at night. This means that most places in the home are where they live, and some of the homes are worse than others. Below, you’ll find information on how to control and even get rid of centipedes in your home.

The best way to prevent getting centipedes in Corpus Christi is to inspect for possible infestations. If you see any of these creatures, you should get rid of it immediately. You do this by inspecting your place for small holes, cracks, and crevices. These may be the breeding places of these creatures. Besides, you should check out for any food sources, such as crumbs, that are made of flowers and plants, etc.

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centipede removal corpus christi

Effective Centipede Removal

There are a few ways to treat and remove centipedes in your home. One is to crush them by foot or hand, but that leaves a mess. The other way is by using an insecticide spray. Another option is to use poison bait traps. 

Another popular way to get rid of house centipedes is to use poison baits. These baits consist of a chemical designed to kill the centipede. Usually, you can buy these baits at most pet stores or online, and they’re sold in packages of six to ten.

For several years, the most popular method to deal with house centipedes was to poison the eggs. Yet, over time, this approach was found to be very ineffective. So, poison baits were developed that could be put into the soil to kill the eggs. At the same time that they hatched.

Another option to get rid of house centipedes is by using traps. These traps can be bought in many different sizes and styles. They can either be manual or electric. They either contain a small quantity of poison, or chemicals designed to repel the centipede.

Corpus Christi Millepede Removal

There are also several products available to help prevent centipedes from reproducing. The most common products include insecticides, such as neomycin. But there are also other methods of getting rid of centipedes. Most of these are not toxic to humans. Such as applying pesticides and chemical compounds around certain areas. This includes sprays and powders, which can be applied to the infested areas.

It’s also a good idea to consult a local Corpus Christi exterminator. Always contact them before trying to get rid of house centipedes in your home. They will be able to give you recommendations on the best way to end this insect problem.

It is also important to note that centipedes are resistant to most other insecticides and chemicals. If you are looking for methods of getting rid of centipedes, sometimes you need professional strength chemicals. Make sure that you do not use chemicals that could harm your children, pets, or the environment. This is why our pest control technicians at Termite Pest Control are licensed and trained.


Corpus Christi Centipede Exterminator

You should also avoid using possible insecticides near your house or your pet. You should also remember to wash any clothes and towels that you plan to reuse.

Finally, if you cannot get rid of your centipedes with chemicals, it is always a good idea to hire a professional Corpus Christi exterminator. These specialists will use baits and other methods. They’ll get rid of centipedes without harming the environment or your family. An exterminator can identify and remove all the centipedes in your home. We’d be honored to be your choice for centipede removal in Corpus Christi, TX. You can contact us by phone or email below.


centipede removal corpus christi tx

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