Corpus Christi Scorpion Control

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Scorpion control in Corpus Christi or management can be a tricky subject. This is because there are so many things that need to be addressed. From the scorpion itself to your garden and yard, to your landscaping and home.

The scorpion is a small insect, which lives in tropical and subtropical areas. Meaning it loves warmer climates. It has long legs that allow it to move quickly. It will sting if it feels threatened or when it’s cornered. The scorpion is a nocturnal animal, which means that it prefers to hunt at night. It has very large claws or pinchers on each of its arms. They use these large claws to grab onto their prey and inject their venom.

Scorpion Removal Corpus Christi

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It is important to determine the scorpion’s exact area and pattern to find out which plants to remove. If you’re a gardener, you’ll decide which plants should be left alone.
Besides, you should know which type of plants you should keep. Certain types of plants help keep scorpions away.
You will also need to know what plants should be in the garden. Especially the path you walk to get water and the likes.

If you have a large garden, you will have a greater problem than removing the grass and plants that surround it. Thus, you need to know where the scorpions will spend most of their time. This helps keep them away from the garden. Plus it keeps them away from your food and water sources.

Scorpion Control by Plants

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You can decide which plants that will need to be removed from the garden by the color, size, and shape of the leaves. Plants that you should keep include Lavender, Cactus, Cinnamon, and Peppermint. You will also have to consider any shade that the plants get daily. You want to keep the plants in optimal health. For example, the foliage of the cactus plant will discourage the scorpions from eating them. While the red, flowering flower of the cactus will deter them.

You can also make changes in your garden, such as a fence or netting to keep the scorpions away. This will make it harder for the scorpions to enter your garden and will keep them away from food and water.

Scorpion control is not as difficult as it sounds, it involves knowing the type of insects, the type of plants, and what attracts and repels them.

A natural scorpion control method that has been proven to be very effective is repelling. You spray around 2 tablespoons of an insecticide into your garden. Keep in mind though, that there is no one method for repelling every single insect. Each pest is different and there may be some that will work better than others.


Proper Scorpion Control Continued..

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After about an hour, you will notice that the insecticide has worked and that there are fewer insects and other pests in your garden. The next step is to keep applying the insecticide. It is best to spray around the perimeter of the garden and all bushes and trees and plants.

Then after one more application of the insecticide, you can plant some citronella bushes or shrubs near the repellents. Keep spraying and again, keep watching them. If the scorpions or other insects do not stop their infestation, use some of the repellents. Do this or try other methods. Be sure to check the plants often for damage. Some insecticides are not plant safe.

Don’t panic if the scorpions do not go away immediately. As stated above, every pest is different and some will be more aggressive and will continue to come back.

Conclusion of Scorpion Control

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You can find many home remedies for scorpion control online as well as in books. If you find some that work for you, continue to use the repellent and then continue the plan if the pests don’t go away. If you don’t have the patience, call a professional to help you. Call Termite Pest control company in Corpus Christi. Press the green call button on this page or submit an email message below. Let’s get your scorpion problem under control today!