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Types of Flying Insects in Corpus Christi

Types of flying insects in Corpus Christi

If you are a Corpus Christi homeowner, it is important to understand the different types of flying insects. Cockroaches, dragonflies, and flies are important to a pest control company. It’s important for your health because they can carry diseases. Besides carrying diseases these insects can be rather bothersome.

American cockroaches although harmless, can be terrifying when they take flight. In fairness, German roaches often glide but most likely they’re still only winged. Next, let’s talk about flies. Flies can spread viruses. It is unknown if they can spread the novel Coronavirus of 2020. But the way things are looking so far this year, nothing is for certain. as well as being very annoying. Larvae can sometimes have toxic effects on humans and pets.

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Types of Corpus Christi Flies

It’s important to know what types of bugs are flying around your home and garden. These flying insects are important for pest control companies to be prepared. Most flying insects in your yard are predatory insects. These insects include ants, locusts, termites, bees, carpenter ants, wasps, wax ants, white ants. Insects that are not so damaging include caterpillars, spiders, beetles, lacewings, mosquitoes, and centipedes.

There are several types of flying insects that can cause damage to your health. Some of the more common ones include roaches, ants, flies, and mosquitoes. Here are some of the things that you can do to prevent these harmful insects from causing you harm.

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Prevention in Corpus Christi

Prevention is the best cure. Make sure your traffics areas are clean and odor-free. Even spilled food and drinks leave a residue. So be sure you clear up with quality household cleaners. Prevention is easier to do than it sounds. Make sure that the area that you live in is sealed with plastic, tarps, or wood. Clean all your cabinets, cracks, and crevices, and make sure there are no leaky pipes. If you have a basement, seal it. You may need to get a professional to help seal your basement.

Don’t use products that contain phosphates when sealing. These may include paint and cleaning products. Use products that are made with non-phosphate or non-toxic ingredients. These products will deter these bugs and will keep them away.
Keep your plants clean. Leaves, pet hair, and other debris can cause problems. It’s a good idea to get rid of them as soon as possible. Keep leaves and pet hair from your plants and off your walls. This is most important especially if you’re allergic to them.

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Pest Control in Corpus Christi

Clean and sweep your yard and gardens at least once a month. If you can do it twice a month that’s even better. If you have a pool or a fountain, you should keep it clear of leaves, bugs, and other debris. You should keep the grass trimmed and the grass mowed, as well. You may need a professional to help you keep the property clean. Keep your pool decks clear of leaves and dirt. We hope you enjoyed our short guide on identifying flying pests and how to exterminate them. If you need some help with insect problems in Corpus Christi, contact Termite Pest Control. Reach us via phone or email down below.


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