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Living in Corpus Christi, TX means we’re all familiar with rodents. Rats and mice are known to carry and spread diseases. With the times we’re having in 2020, disease control is very important to your family’s health. There are several ways to get rid of mice from your home. Mice love to live inside your home’s walls and attics. In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to eliminate mice in your home. But I would like to discuss what you should do when you find that a mouse infestation is taking place. Mice are very not difficult to find. So there is no need to panic if your home has already been invaded by these critters. First off, you must locate where the mice are hiding. They will hide behind anything dark and hard to notice. Once you have located their hiding spots, it is time to use an exterminator or pest control company to help rid your house of them.

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Mice Removal in Corpus Christi

Mice love a lot of moisture, so they are usually found in the bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Once you’ve gotten rid of all these areas, it is time to get rid of all food that they may be eating. This includes food remnants left in drawers, countertops, and underneath the sink.

If you find that your mice are not getting rid of the food, this means that they are either sick or dying. It is best to remove them when you first see them. Because they will only go into their new hiding spots once you kill all their food supply. Some of them are also attracted to water, so it is important to remove all the moisture that they are living in. It’s also important to do a pipe inspection to look for any water leaks.

Mice also love a lot of dust, so make sure that you vacuum the flooring and carpet in your home as often as you can. Mice love to live in places that are damp and humid. So keeping your carpets dry will help stop that problem. You can also get rid of their droppings by using wet cloth on the flooring and the carpeting.


Rodent Control in Corpus Christi

Mice cannot live in wood, but they can survive on wooden structures. So you may want to spray your wooden surfaces with an insecticide. If the mice have moved on to another surface, there is a chance that they have spread. Look for other areas of your home which are susceptible to their invasions.

You can prevent mice from penetrating your walls by putting up a strong screen. Put the screen between them and your house. This will prevent the mice from climbing up to your window sills. It’ll also prevent them from getting into your baseboards or the outside of your windows. There are also screens that you can use on your doors and windows that will catch the mice.

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Mice Extermination in Corpus Christi, TX

Some mice will eat food that is not fresh and this can happen if you have a lot of food on the kitchen counter. Try to keep the food out of reach by placing them on a shelf in your refrigerator or freezer. You can also use mousetraps on your counters. But you have to check the trap after every three days for any signs of mice to ensure that you are killing them.

When it comes to the ventilation of your home, you have to make sure that you open your windows to let the air in. You can also make sure that the ceiling of your room is ventilated by opening the vents in your garage and attic.

If you do not have the proper ventilation, you will not be able to get rid of mice. If you are having problems with your mites, you should make sure that you get a dehumidifier. This helps make sure that you are not getting a lot of moisture in your home. If you need professional pest control in Corpus Christi, TX contact us by phone or email below.



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