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Are Murder Hornets in Corpus Chisti?

Have you ever heard of the Murder Hornet? Probably not, but they are real insects that may become familiar with you. Asian giant hornets, known as Japanese hornet, are about two and one-half inches long and have venomous stings that could kill a person in seconds. This article will tell you about this incredible insect and why it is so deadly.

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Murder Hornets Aren't Looking For You

Murder hornets are the size of an egg and are very aggressive.

The term murder hornets are derived by the media. They get that name by the voracious way they decapitate their rival insects. But, there are two species, and these are the Japanese and Red hornets. The red hornet is believed to be more dangerous than its Japanese counterpart due to its red coloration. However, that is not the case.

These hornets have long legs with big claws and a large beak. Their jaws are also long and sharp. They are usually found feeding on large insects.

Hornets Like Insects, Not Humans

Due to their large size, they are quite powerful when it comes to biting their victims. They tend to stay away from humans, unless you go after them. They can kill insects such as bees, other wasps, cockroaches, spiders, aphids.

There is also another species that is the smaller variety of the Japanese hornet and the Brown Hornet. The brown hornet is the one that most people are familiar with and this is the one that kills bees.


Why Murder Hornets get their name.

Murder hornets eat their way through the body of the insect. They suck the blood of the victim and then take on the head and other parts of the body as their own, leaving behind a long trail of red blood. This is their way of marking their territory. Some of the body parts they take will be used by other winged insects in their nests.

Because of the number of them in very large areas, they can sometimes control an entire colony. It is believed that they can spread diseases to people who live in areas where they are present.

Most likely won't be in Corpus Christi

Yet, because these are not considered a pest yet in most parts of the world, human beings tend to view them as a threat. Different types of poison have been used to put them down. But no one seems to know if these were effective.

This is why the best thing to do is to stay away from these hornets. There are several ways to keep them away from your home. You could call exterminators. You should hire someone to come out and spray poison into their nest if possible. Do a little bit of research on the internet and find a method that stops them from coming to your area.

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Ignore the Murder Hornets

If you want to avoid killing hornets, the first thing to do is to learn how to prevent them. They have to come to feed for them to reproduce, so if there is not a lot of food around, they will not be able to breed. Keep your yard and your garden clean. This can be difficult at times, especially during spring and summer, because the food supply is often overpopulated.

If possible, try to have nectar feeders in your garden. The honey bees love this type of food, but be sure to remove the pollen and ensure that you are not feeding the hornets. They will even be more attracted to your garden because they will be able to feed on the nectar.

Don't worry about murder hornets

When you go out to work, turn off all your lights and make sure you are away from the yard. These little critters have sharp wings and a lot of energy. So you need to avoid being close to your home especially if you live in an urban area. If you need help with a wasp colony reach out to us by phone or email us below. We offer FREE residential and commercial property pest control inspection.

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