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Corpus Christi Skunk Removal

It’s no secret that skunk control is a big deal for many Corpus Christi homeowners. If you’ve never noticed, skunks have a nice brownish coat with a white stripe down their back. This unique color scheme tells other animals that the skunk is there and warning others to avoid it. Skunks love to spray their foul-smelling oil all over the place. That makes for a lot of waste which is why they are so destructive.

The smell of skunk urine is also very bad to live near. If you are trying to get rid of a skunk, you should be sure to take it out before doing any damage. Once they get into the structure of your home, it’s impossible to get them out without damaging the walls.

skunk control corpus christi tx

Skunk Control in Corpus Christi

When your skunks get into the structure of your home, it’s usually not pretty. You may even find dead skunks and rodents in the cracks of your walls. The smell is also bad when the skunk defecates on the floor. You should treat all cracks and crevices with special skunk control products. Do this before your situation becomes worse.

When skunks are in your yard the odor is going to be bad. There are some things you can do to prevent this problem from getting worse. First, try to find a way to block your skunk’s access to your yard. Usually, this will be accomplished by sealing off the access to the main part of the yard or by building a fence.

Yet, if you don’t think that you can find a way to keep your skunks out, you’ll have to resort to some form of skunk removal. You could try spray misting the ground with some skunk repellent. But that could leave residue and could damage the surroundings of your home. Make sure you only spray the area where you want the skunk removal.

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Skunk Removal Chemicals

Also, you can try to use skunk-proofing chemicals on the baseboards and under your skunk-proofing material. You should spray on these areas every few weeks to keep the skunks away from your property. Sometimes you will have to keep re-spraying to make sure to test different amounts. Test it until you find the right one to use.

It is important to make sure that you never spray skunk repellent on your carpets and walls. If you do, your walls and carpets will get stained and damaged. That is why you should never spray skunk repellent anywhere near your house. These chemicals do not work at all if they are sprayed on the underside of the skunk proofing material.

You can also try to discourage your skunks from getting into your yard by making it a lot harder for them. Make it difficult for them to get around your fencing and other obstacles. They will find their way around your fence much harder if they know there is a way to get through.


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Conclusion for Skunk Removal in Corpus Christi

You should make sure that you have good lighting in your yard. You do not want to have to worry about seeing them when you are walking through your yard. But, if you do, you should make sure that you are at least 6 feet away from them.

Be cautious when going to your yard. Skunks like to hang out in a corner of your garden. If they can smell your scent, they will most likely be in a defensive mode and ready to spray their attacker.

So, if you are looking for an easy way to skunk control, then you should take a look around. If you do your research and find a reliable company, you can eliminate the problem from your life. At Termite Pest Controls, we’re highly experienced with skunk removal in Corpus Christi, TX. Give us a call or contact us by email below.


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