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You need to know how to and get rid of a wasp nest in your home because safety is the most important issue. If you rely on professional safety equipment, using a wasp removal spray is sometimes practical. It is the most affordable way to remove a nest from your home without causing damage or causing a sting.

Wasps can be an issue for homeowners and especially small children. If a nest is left without removal, it can spread to other areas of your property. The wasps will use these wasp nests as a place to build their nest and lay eggs. Usually, the eggs will hatch into wasps within six weeks. The homeowner’s manual on the wasp removal spray states that a cup or two of the solution should be poured. Use a disposable cloth and then spray over the nest to kill the wasps. If you do not deal with these wasps before the eggs hatch, you will have more than one nest on your property. The last thing you want is lots of wasps building their colonies. If you are dealing with one or two nests, then you may need to hire professional pest control tech to help you.

You can stop the wasps from getting into your home by getting rid of their nest. These wasps are often hard to get to. So getting rid of them completely from a building may need professional help. Some of the wasp removal methods you can use include traps. A good wasp trap captures these wasps, their nest, and eggs for proper disposal. You may also choose to spray the nest with a wasp removal spray, which contains an insecticide that does not harm humans. This type of spray is less toxic than other types but still effective.


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Best Way to Remove Wasp Nest

When you apply a wasp removal spray, be sure to wear protective clothing and always use a fan to air out the area. Wearing gloves can also help. You should follow the directions on the package, and spray the nest before you get near it. If you get stung, contact a physician immediately, because it will take some time to get rid of the sting.

Professional pest control services can help you deal with the issue. If you decide to use a wasp removal spray, you can hire someone that is a state-certified to use the chemical sprays. The experienced exterminator will use a spray designed to deal with these insects and will use gloves when handling them.

You can also hire someone to help you with getting rid of the nests by vacuuming up any leftover carcasses and removing any eggs. Leftover wasp bodies can attract more insects. This is an effective method, but the wasps may still be living on the nest after using this method. A quick solution can be applied using a garden hose and rinsed down. Vacuum the nest, ensuring that all the food and eggs are removed.


Some people consider having a professional exterminator come out and spray the nest with a wasp removal spray. But many people find this method to be quite expensive and somewhat inconvenient. Hiring a professional to spray the nest and remove the wasps should be your last resort, and should only be done if other options have been exhausted. Professional pest control companies have the proper equipment and experience to and deal with the wasp problem.

Professional pest control services can also use a designed wasp vacuum that allows them to suck the wasp and the nest clean. Once the wasps are removed from your home, you will want to vacuum up any eggs or larvae that may have remained. We hope this short guide has helped you make a decision when it comes to wasp nest removal. As always Termite Pest Controls offers FREE interior and exterior Inspections, Call us today @ (361) 400-0689 or send us an email and we’ll get back to you in less than 24hrs.


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